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Did you see the new Naruto Manga chapter (685)? The end was so beautiful <3. What do you think of this chapter? A SasuSaku love story or do you think Kishi is only playing with us?

I did, and I’m so excited!! It was a long time coming, that’s for sure! To be honest, I don’t know what Kishi will do next, if he will take it any further or switch the focus on to something else, but I do believe in SasuSaku! He’s not the type of author to write/draw anything without a purpose, and there has been a much too large focus on SasuSaku for it not to happen eventually! :)

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So you said that you study in Great Britain.. I would like to ask you a few things: What do you study? How do you pay the tuition fee? Do you work? And my last question is about your fanfiction updates. Which story are you going to update/post next?

Hello! Yes, I’m currently studying Psychology in Great Britain. I’m not working (mainly because I wanted to give myself this year to adjust), but I have friends that do, and I’m considering finding a part-time job for next year - perhaps an internship that will actually be helpful to my future career, rather than only earn my extra money. 

As for the tuition fees, I applied to Student Finance, which (as you might already know) pays them for you if you are eligible. Then, after you graduate and you start earning a certain amount a month, you’ll have to start paying it back (5% of your salary, or so, I think). 

Hope this helped!

I really wanted to update Ghost, but to be perfectly honest, I think I will end up updating Heartbeat first, haha! Or maybe I will post another one-shot. I guess it depends, since I’m pretty busy with exams at the moment. :)

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What are you up to these days? Are you scooped up by uni? (How's that?) Are you working on any fics?

Hi there! I am a bit busy with uni right now, yes, because finals are approaching and (obviously) I want to do well. I’m just trying to study for a little while every day; cramming doesn’t work very well for me, I’m too easily distracted, haha! 

Currently, I have to admit I’ve been working more on the personal project that I mentioned, but I’ve also made progress on Miss Independent and Key to My Heart (the one-shot). Hopefully, I’ll post something soon! 

Thanks for asking!
Hehe, and how are you, anonymous? :)